Germany's hypocrisy exposed

Germany is a lovely country with lovely people.  Yet it is governed by people who have no clue to what they are doing and this seems to apply to all and any German political party.

Not to defend Europe, borders on treason

Today, on the 16th of January 2023, the German defense minister rightly resigned.  Let's hope that the next defense minister will do something real about Europe's defense.

Defense lesson 101 - Chain reaction

Now is the chance to engage a new defense minister who will stop trying to fool the public and do his job which is to take part in the defence of Europe 

These days there is a lot of self-applause in Germany

We should wait with the applause.

For sure Germany has been dragging it's feet.  The politicians are among other things blaming this on the people: that the people of Germany were not ready to support Ukraine.  Strange type of argument for the German Government did not listen to its people when it came to over restrictive COVID-19 measures.   And in fact this is a misrepresentation because the people of Germany have learned from their Nazi past not to let another Hitler like personality, Putler ruin this world.

Also whatever German politicians say is not the same as actions.  So let's see if the German government delivers fast and let's see if they stand enough behind Ukraine, for Ukraine to be able to recover ALL of its territory.  

Despite all the publicity German is not planning to do much.   It is sending 14 tanks and apparently even that might take a long time.  Whereas 100s of tanks will be coming from elsewhere and that is still not enough.

Ukraine also needs fighter jets and Germany is standing in the way.

Germany should be seen as being co-responsible for the current and future suffering in Ukraine.   If Crimea is left out, then that is an invitation for a future war, because Russia will never be content with Crimea without a land corridor.  Which is understandable in a military sense.   Our answer to that has to be to get Russia out of Crimea and out of the Black Sea.  (Please support us to say what needs to be said - click here...)

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See more photos below.  Phots from the suffering in Ukraine that German hesitancy is responsible for prolonging.  And contrast the status in Russia and Ukraine on the website  How can any country continue to trade with a country that is responsible for genocide, the deliberate destruction of the culture, well being and infrastructure of an entire country populated by their own so to speak brothers and sisters.

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